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The WISE Academy is fortunate to have a team each having over 15 years experience in their chosen field. Their stories and case studies they have to share are amazing – and TRUE!  The team will share what to do … and also what NOT to do!
If you are passionate about creating professionals in the industry,making a difference and would like to be considered to be part of our experienced team, contact us!
dr dion kleinDr Dion Klein, Founder / CEO /Director (Gold Coast / Canberra)

Dr Dion has been involved in the health, fitness and wellness industry for over 30 years starting his career out in the USA as a physical educator, coach and massage therapist. He migrated to Australia in 1994 where he was in charge of the Sports Administration program at the University of Canberra where he had the opportunity to teach in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Sports Institute and in Fiji to the executives of the Oceanic National Olympic Committee in the lead up to the 2000 Olympic Games.  After purchasing a gym in Canberra and running his corporate health business, he became heavily involved in the fitness industry serving as President of Fitness ACT as well as being on the Board of Fitness Australia. He was accepted to the Honor Roll of Fitness Australia in 2012 for his contribution to the Australian Fitness industry.

Being passionate about training and education, Dr Dion launched The WISE Academy in 2007 focusing on being the business school for the health and wellness industry.  The company was accepted to travel with the ACT Chief Minister to trade missions to India and also the United Arab Emirates to pursue exporting opportunities.  WISE also was successful in being awarded the CanberraBusinessPoint Business Plan Award 2009 and was a Finalist for the Sales Growth Award 2009.


clarence tan

Dr Clarence Tan (Gold Coast)
Dr Clarence Tan studied electrical engineering at the University of Southern California specialising in computing and completed a dual masters, namely an MBA in Finance and a Masters of Science in Industrial and System Engineering in Robotics. He then joined Citibank in New York and was among 14 people selected to join its North American Investment Banking Associate Programme. He was awarded a full scholarship at Bond University to do a PhD in artificial neural network applications in finance and was chair of the Australian Computer Society (ACS), Gold Coast Chapter for some years and was later made a Fellow. Clarence’s passion is exponential technologies that are happening now and how they can be used to impact society and industries; technologies that are accelerating at an exponential rate such as 3D Printing, synthesis biology, artificial intelligence, internet of things, etc. He received the Queensland government’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence Fellowship for 2010 and has been inducted into the Queensland Science and Innovation Champion Hall of Fame in 2014 as a Queensland Innovation Champion. He runs a private equity fund and is an Adjunct Professor at Bond University and Griffith University on the Gold Coast. Find


wendy brookman1Wendy Brookman (Canberra) 

Wendy has been involved in the sport, health, fitness and wellness industry for 20 years, as a Sales manager, an instructor, personal trainer, mentor and assessor and in 2009 purchased her own gym. During school Wendy was involved with track in field and had a passion for health and fitness for women after an injury affected her competing.  Wendy’s other passion is working with in her community and helping people through health and fitness who are less fortunate. Wendy also likes to chat with local kids about “closing the Gap’, affects with drug and alcohol, and how to stay on track helping children look to have goals.   Check out this great article about Wendy!


Ronnie JonesRonnie Jones (Gold Coast)

Ronnie Jones has spent the majority of his life in sales and also observing and studying human behaviour. He is an expert on human/business psychology having 60-years experience internationally observing, interacting, and negotiating deals with people from all walks and levels of life including CEOs, Ministers and leaders of foreign nations.  He was once described by the former president of the top world 100 company 3M, Jim Thwaites, as being the most creative salesperson to ever have worked in the company. At the time they had 11,000 sales people. The stories he will share cannot be found in textbooks.   Over the years Ronnie has instigated, designed, built and financed many projects as well as helped many others in business.


margaret stamatis-everittMargaret Stamatis-Everett (Canberra)

Margaret has over 25 years fitness and health industry experience. Margaret started in the industry as a group fitness instructor and over the years has held many roles within a number of businesses and organisations in the public and private sector and 15 years of teaching students to become instructor within the industry. With a passion for helping people Margaret enjoys helping all people reach their fitness and health goals either through learning or helping them in their health and fitness club, Body Basics, which she has owned since 2015 which has been a 20 year ambition.


jonathan movitzJonathan Movitz (Melbourne / Gold Coast)

Jonathan is the Creator and Founder of ‘Conscious Leadership’, an organization committed to training, teaching and facilitating ‘change and transformation’ strategies with the vision to expand conscious awareness and create leaders with heart and soul all across the globe.Jonathan has been practicing and pursuing the journey to divine enlightenment for 33 years and has studied under an enlightened master for well over 20 years.


In Memoriam – Judy Croston (Canberra)

judy crostonJudy Croston was in the fitness industry for over 30 years.  Backed by a Bachelor of Home Economics (Nutrition) from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, Judy had worked in Canberra as a gym manager, a fitness instructor, Head Adviser, fitness leader and nutritionist for the Mental Health Foundation and a personal trainer and consultant for Healthy Worksites (another one of Dr Dion’s businesses). She also worked very much with Darren’s Den, Arthritis Australia (ACT) and Nutrition Australia. Judy specialised in nutrition and weight management, specific populations including those with mental health issues, and older adults.  Judy unfortunately passed away due to melanoma in June 2017.  Having been a lead trainer / instructor for The WISE Academy, she will be extremely missed.  Her passion and dedication to the Canberra community and fitness industry was immeasurable.   A scholarship has been established in her name.