Managing Change

We have all experienced change at some stage of our life, be it good, bad, expected or unexpected. We cannot avoid or ignore change, even the world in which we live is changing constantly and has done so for the 3 billion years it has existed.

The one thing we can do is be prepared for it.

This workshop will investigate various ways of managing change leaving you better equipped to deal with future changes.

Workshop Objectives

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • List the steps necessary for preparing a change strategy
  • Describe the WIFM – the individual motivators for change
  • Relate the five dimensions of the ADKAR model for understanding change
  • Use needed components to develop change management and communications plans
  • Employ strategies for gathering data
  • Utilise methods for leading change project status meeting and celebrating success
  • Describe the four states of Appreciative Inquiry, its purposes, and sample uses in case studies
  • Use strategies for aligning people with a change
  • Describe the importance of resiliency in the context of change
  • Explain the importance of flexibility in the context of change