Develop and maintain appropriate business networks


Promote yourself and your organisation


Reflect social and cultural awareness in developing and maintaining international business networks.


Conduct cost-benefit analyses.


Networking is a key skill for anyone to have whether it be looking for a job, or creating leads for your business.  In this seminar, Dr Dion Klein (international speaker and author on networking) takes you through the process of being a successful networker.

Download the free resource: Questions to Ask at Networking Functions

Purchase a copy of ‘Think Big! How to Thrive in Life and Business in a Rapidly Changing World”. a compilation of thought leaders in their respected field.  .You can find a chapter written on networking by Dr Dion.  Purchase the book from Amazon here.

Establish and Maintain Networks

This unit describes the skills required to identify professional interests and resources, promote awareness of organisational services and their purpose and develop professional networks.

Develop Strategic Business Networks

The unit describes the skills and knowledge required to establish professional relationships and networks to support organisational objectives.

Build International Networks

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to build international business networks that benefit the business and its clients in a culturally appropriate way.

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