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Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Gain the recognised qualification BSB30220. 

Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business

Gain the recognised qualification BSB40320.

Business Contracting

For practitioners who are pursuing business contracts and tenders.

Business Financial Management

Excellent for those managing finances or want to increase their financial literacy.

Home-Based Business

For people who are establishing a micro business for self-employment.

Energy Efficiency in Business

For individuals who contribute to improving energy efficiency in their business operations.

Workplace Innovation

How to use collaborative processes in the workplace to develop innovative ideas.


This is an intensive 2-day boot camp focusing on the basic on how to establish your start-up.

Abundance Mindset

Learn how to have an abundant mindset in your personal life and business. 

Business Networking

Networking is essential for any business owner. Learn the key skills for networking success.

Customer Service

Deliver excellent customer service using current strategies online and offline.

Human Resource Basics

People are your greatest asset in business so implement current HR strategies.

Intellectual Property

This covers copyright, trademarks and patents necessary for small business.

Leadership and Influence

Learn the key aspects and leadership styles of how to lead your business to success.

Managing Change

Learn ways of managing change to deal with future business disruptions. 

Personal Productivity

Learn methods, including using technology to increase your productivity.

Workplace Discrimination

What should you do if you feel that you are being discriminated against?

The Effective Negotiator

Utilise negotiating contract specifics incorporating useful techniques. 

Time Management

Learn new ways to organise your time for a more productive life.

Workplace Diversity

Learn how to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment.

Effective Meetings

Watch this FREE webinar and learn how to deliver effective and efficient meetings.


This webinar highlights the three ‘degrees’ of delegation and how to delegate.

Exponential Organizations

Learn how to have a scaleable organisation with a massive transformative purpose (MTP).

Motivating Your Employees

Find out motivational techniques to get the best from your employees.

Business Planning Basics

Watch this FREE webinar. Find out the basic components you need in a business plan.

International Networking

In this webinar, Dr Dion Klein focused on how to network internationally using LinkedIn.

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