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Marketing Basics

If you are new to marketing, this is a great course to start with. Good for any business.

Marketing Research Basics

This short webinar covers simple marketing research principles for your business.

Social Media Basics

This FREE webinar highlights simple social media strategies you can use in your business.

Personal Branding

Find out the secret tips of personal branding from Cydney O’Sullivan.

Finding a Target Market

Determine the appropriate target market for your products and services.

Competitor Analysis

This webinar covers what to look at when analysing your competitors.

Consumer Behaviour

This webinar covers what makes people buy and their decision making process.

Product Knowledge

Convert product knowledge into features and benefits to create buyer appeal.

Secondary Data

Learn how to find and use quality secondary data online and offline. 

Writing Online Surveys

Dr Dion Klein reviews twelve tips for creating an online survey.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Each business must have a digital marketing strategy; not just social media.

Protecting Your Reputation

You need to protect your reputation online and offline otherwise is can influence the success of your business. 

Digital Marketing Metrics

Many companies overlook the importance of metrics related to their digital strategy. Find out more in this workshop.

Pricing Strategies

Pricing ties in with your business model and it is important to use the appropriate pricing strategies best for your business.

Understanding SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to rank your website. But what is SEO?

LinkedIn Basic Training

LinkedIn is THE key platform for professionals. Learn how to have a powerful profile.

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