Start-Up Business (Over 50s)

How to Start Your Own Home-Based Business (over 50s)

It is a very interesting and dynamic world we live in today and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming at any age.  Many over-50s are being faced with either staying excited in their current job, finding a job to help pay the bills, or breaking out of the boredom of retirement.

The great part about Australia is there are many  opportunities to start a business from home. Most times people just don’t know where to begin or what to offer.  A 60-year old mate used to be in fast moving consumer goods marketing and also recruitment.  Today he has his own web-hosting and marketing business from home. Another friend is still doing multi-million property development deals – at the age of 81!

Attend this one-day course that will cover the following:

  • identifying your skills and knowledge that you can sell

  • the different kinds of businesses you can start from home

  • how to find the right business for you

  • different ways to fund your business

  • how to market your business (online and offline) and make sales

  • how to network

The WISE Academy is operated by founder Dr Dion Klein along with his team who all own their own business with most being over 50!  This is a special course just for the over-50s to teach you how to start your own business using your skills and knowledge.

The one-day course is only $197 for one person or come along with a friend for $250 ($125 each).

  • Next 1-day course date … TBA

If you have any questions, please ring him on 0403 715 385 or email info@wiseacademy.edu.au today to learn more.