LinkedIn Basics

It is becoming more important nowadays to be on LinkedIn in order to increase your influence and gain business!

This course is PERFECT if you do not have a LinkedIn profile orĀ if you have a profile with less than 500 connections.

If you want to gain authority in your industry, LinkedIn is a great starting point.

This short course will cover:

  • Creating an account on LinkedIn (if you don’t have one already)
  • Establishing a powerful profile
  • Finding potential strategic alliances
  • Positioning yourself to gain new clients
  • Properly engaging in discussions to become an authority
  • And more!

What to bring to the session:

  • Your laptop or tablet
  • A digital copy of your resume (if you have one)
  • Other people’s business cards that are lying around
  • Something to write on and with
  • A smile and positive attitude