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Webinar: Risk Audits for Sport, Recreation and Fitness Organisations (930 am AEST Brisbane Friday 13 Oct 2017)      Register  (FREE)

Risk management is many times overlooked by sport, recreation and fitness organisations.  Risk is not as ‘sexy’ as marketing or making money.   Though if you do not take risk management seriously, it can cost you millions if an accident does occur.  The first step in development a risk management strategy is conducting an audit.  In this webinar, Dr Dion Klein will go over what you need to consider in a risk management audit for your organisation.

Webinar: Stopping Discrimination in the Workplace (1030 am AEST Brisbane Friday 13 Oct 2017)      Register  (FREE)

Despite how far we would like to believe we have come in accepting our fellow person, unfortunately, discrimination is still happening in workplaces here in Australia and around the world.  In this webinar, Dr Dion Klein will cover discuss discriminatory behaviour, coping with discrimination as well as what you should do if you feel that you are being discriminated against. 



If you have any questions, please ring Dr Dion Klein on 0403 715 385 or email today to learn more.

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